Welcome Foodies!

So, I just realized something has been overlooked in our class (really, I’d like this to get bigger than our Pop Culture class eventually, but I’ll settle for just us for now). It’s huge, it’s all around us, and it’s part of our everyday lives. How did we miss it? I’m really not sure.

It’s food.

Food phenomena are culture-defining. They permeate our societies and shape the way we do business, the way we celebrate, and the activities we do with friends. This blog is here to observe and comment on food in and from Japan in popular culture in general (Japanese or otherwise). I’m unsure if you’ll get credit for posting or reading, but I thought it would be a fun extra little thing to do. Especially if you love food like I do (and I’m sure there are others here who do). Just email me at baristashay@gmail.com or comment on here that you’d like to be a part of this.

One clarification: This is not “omigod lookit wut i eated hur!” That babble is difficult to read and negates the purpose of food as a part of popular culture. So please, think before posting and spell-check your posts, the site even does it for you so it’s not too difficult.

Keep eating the good stuff.



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