Kyaraben Contest Winners 2012

There are two contests celebrating people’s skills in Kyaraben, Sanrio Kyaraben Contest and the Yokahama Kyaraben Contest (sponsored by Sotetsu Group 150 Project).

Sanrio Golden Grand Prix Winning Bento:

This bento followed the theme of spring and was submitted by Harumi Sugiyama from Saitama prefecture.

It includes:


  • Homemade mini apple pie
  • A hollowed out apple cup (the center was used to make the pie) filled with potato salad
  • Hello Kitty family shaped onigiri
  • Hello Kitty jelly cups

Yokahama Kyaraben Winning Bento:


This bento represents the landscape of the Yokohama area (with blue jelly cups as the ocean).

It includes:

  • Apple slices
  • Kanten or jelly cups
  • Beef and asparagus rolls
  • Vegetable flowers
  • Vegetable maki
  • And a bunch of other things I can’t identify

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