Studio Ghibli is for Foodies


I’m sure all of the foodies out there are always struck by the mouthwatering images of food in Studio Ghibli’s movies. These delicious food items appear over and over again; they are remarkably true to real life food. Although this is especially evident in ‘Spirited Away’ (where gluttony leads to all the trouble to begin with), it is a common theme throughout every one of their movies. From savory to sweet, food is the highlight of Ghibli’s films. I know I enjoy watching food reappear again again in the films.


This image from ‘Spirited Away’ showcase Japanese dishes such as green peas rice, New Year’s vegetable stew, pork cutlet, dumplings, grilled fish, and fruit (a hot commodity due to its expense).

If you want to learn how to make some of your favorite Ghibli show dishes, check out this website for step-by-step instructions:


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