Nabe party!

Nabe party? what’s that? Sounds.. kinky?

Nabe is a hot pot style dish popular in Japan and commonly eaten with friends or family members. Often friends will have a ‘nabe party’ in which everyone brings an ingredient or several. Upon arrival, all ingredients are dumped in the pot, where a broth or stock is waiting (most nabe parties use the same broth, though there are variations such as using kimchi in nabe). The food is left to cook, other ingredients are added later (depending on needed cook time), and large amounts of alcohol are consumed. When the time comes to eat, everyone digs in.

Nabe itself can be absolutely delicious or totally disgusting, depending on what goes into the pot, but the food isn’t really the point. Nabe is a bonding moment, a way of socially integrating with others, spending time with friends, and getting a cheap if tasteless meal at the same time.



Totoro shaped Onigiri: delicious and cute!

Onigiri (rice balls) are one of the most convenient and, at times, tastiest foods in Japan. Commonly found in lunch sets, these creations can be purchased everywhere from restaurants to convenience stores and train stations. The seemingly endless variety of possible flavors and ingredients keeps things from getting dull.

This video shows how to make onigiri shaped like Totoro!